Mob Programming Is Here To Stay – By The Hunter Application Development Team

Mob Programming is a development practice where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer.

This is a “Whole Team” approach to doing all the work the team does – including coding, designing, testing, and working with the “customer” (partner, Product Owner, user, etc).  We have expanded the “team” nature of all the work we do – not just planning, retrospectives, and a daily stand-up or other meeting – but all the work that the team does.  This could be thought of as Pair Programming++, or continuous collaboration, perhaps.

In other words, this is an evolutionary step beyond the pair programming, face-to-face communication, team alignment, collaboration,  and “self organizing team” concepts of the Agile approach to software development.

We’ll share how we’ve been using this practice to super-charge our development efforts and deliver high value software for almost 2 years. We’ll see what it looks like, the benefits, and how to do it yourself.  In our workplace we “Mob Program” all day, every day, but we’ll also explore some ideas on how you can employ all of the concepts and practices (and get the benefits) of “Mob Programming” in your own company even if you can’t do it “all day, every day”.

Help Us Break the World Record for a Group Hug

The whole Mob will be there, and we invite you to join in as we have a group hug.  We are trying to break the World Record for the most participants in a group hug, which is currently at 10,554 ( Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 7 May 2010), so bring your neighbors, friends, relations, enemies, strangers, and everyone else, plus deodorant or perfume, (or nose-plugs) and join in the fun.

About the Presenters

Woody, Gordon, Dexter, Chris, and Aaron (the “funny” one) are all amped up and ready to show you how they discovered and developed their “Mob Programming” style.  This Mop-Top band of Agile Misfits will thrill and entertain you for the entire evening.  Watch them as they perform their crazy antics just like monkeys in the zoo, but without the feces.

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