“Your company culture is your operating system” – Dave Gray

As a team leader, the line between company culture and a dogmatic cult is thin. Embracing individuality, yet finding alignment as a collective, is tough. Understanding what defines one over another is critical so everyone can bring 100% of themselves to table.

In this talk I’m going to talk about the mechanics: finding values, embracing individuality, understanding the role of leadership and empowering every member of the team. I’ll also identify pitfalls, red-flags and a set of questions to ask yourself everyday to make sure that what you have a is “Culture of Talent” and not a “Cult of Conformists”

The talk is broken into four parts:

  • The source of cult-like behavior;
  • The downward spiral of fear-based control;
  • The ideal company culture promised land; and,
  • The questions to ask yourself to avoid the trap.


Our speaker Adam Cuppy co-founded Coding zealZEAL, an Agile web and mobile applications development company based in Medford, OR.  He is a stage actor and seasoned speaker including speaking at RailsConf and RubyConf.

The talk begins at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 14th. Here are directions. Many thanks to our gracious host Allan Schougaard at Learn Academy.

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