zachAgile has become a set of principles that companies ignore at their peril. After all, what CEO would admit his/her company is “not Agile?” Yet we frequently bemoan the difficulty of using these principles to “be Agile”, instead relying on Agile-like practices that fail to change the status quo. Therefore, as we enter the next generation of business thinking, we meet a critical challenge: how can we learn to adjust to our behaviors, at all levels of a company, to successfully navigate the complexity of human systems?

One answer is training – and one that we most often select to drive our Agile transformations.
Is training the best method to cause a change in behaviors? In this interactive session with Zach Bonaker, you will experience activities that engage both mind and body to reveal the essence of systems thinking. Additionally, Zach will emphasize cause and effect relationships in a system, specifically, how Agile-related training might result in unintended consequences!

The talk begins at 6:30pm on Thursday, July 14th, thanks to our gracious hosts at Learn Academy.

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