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This month we are excited to welcome back Peter Green!

Peter Green is a leadership development coach, agile organization researcher and consultant, and a Certified Scrum Trainer. He spent 12 years at Adobe, where he led the Agile transformation that enabled the business model shift from perpetual license, long release desktop software products to subscription, frequently released Creative Cloud products. During this time, he trained hundreds of teams in Agile approaches like Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Startup, including such flagships as Photoshop, Acrobat, and Premiere Pro, and coached at all levels of the organization. Since joining Agile For All, Peter has worked with a diverse set of clients helping them thrive in complexity – personally and organizationally.

About the talk:

Sometimes in our work helping organizations adopt an Agile mindset, it seems like people just don’t get it! Can’t they see how Agile is so much better than whatever we were doing before? Maybe the problem is not that “They don’t get it”. Maybe the problem is that we’re not working hard enough to get them!

In this session, we’ll explore the research into different but distinct and categorizable ways that people see the world. We’ll then practice taking perspectives that differ from our own, and communicating the benefits of Agile adoption from within each of those different perspectives. Through this practice, we develop deeper empathy for what others care about, helping us be more effective in meeting needs that are most important from all of the different perspectives.


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