We’re stoked to welcome Author and Agile Trainer Al Shalloway to San Diego this week! He wrote a book on software design patterns, and now he’s investigating design patterns for product management. Check it out, this Thursday, September 14th from 6:30 to 7:30pm at Intergalactic Brewing in Sorrento Valley. Directions and parking information are here.

We are expecting a larger than usual crowd, so please note that you must RSVP via our Meetup group if you wish to attend.

~ Patterns of Agile Product Management ~

Many organizations achieve some degree of Agile at the team level while having difficulty in achieving it across the board.

This often occurs because their focus is on their teams or projects and not on the bigger picture of value delivery. When one thinks of Agile as being about the faster realization of business value predictably, sustainably and with high quality, it is readily understand that a bigger view than the teams is required.

This event consists of three mini-sessions on the following topics:

  • What happens when one loses sight of the big picture – the importance of offerings and capabilities
  • The difference between project management and product management and why a shift to the later is needed
  • How focusing on value density delivered can facilitate alignment across the organization – a quick introduction to Minimum Business Increments and Minimum Viable Products

Remember to RSVP!


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