¡Spike! is bringing internationally-renowned speakers to San Diego to facilitate hands-on workshops for developers, coaches and product owners.

The purpose of ¡Spike! is to give you enough knowledge with the latest Agile ideas so that you can take them to work the following Monday. We have meticulously curated the content so that you will hear the best speakers and the best ideas in Agile today.

¡Spike! will be held at Marina Village on Friday, October 13th.

The speakers are:

  • Michael Feathers, author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code
  • Sara Ness, internationally renowned teacher & coach who facilitates empowering authentic relationships
  • Jeremy Lightsmith, co-creator of Lean Coffee from ThoughtWorks and Pivotal
  • Alicia McLain, leadership guru who builds high performing teams

In the morning, you will hear all 4 speakers introduce their topic. Then in the afternoon, you’ll choose 2 of those topics to experience as an interactive workshop.

Tickets are here: spikeday.eventbrite.com

Hope to share this invigorating day of Agile learning with you!

June & Lisa.

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