Agile Award

In order to commend exemplary use of Agile methods in San Diego, Agile San Diego presents two awards to recognize a team and an individual who have demonstrated excellence in the prior year. Winners will receive trophies which will be awarded at the Agile San Diego Agile Award Ceremony in October. The submission window for both awards closes on September 30th, 2017.

The Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award will be awarded to a local team that is running a successful business using a truly Agile philosophy. To nominate a team for the Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award, submit a completed nomination form. Write a short paragraph about your methods in each of the categories; Business Value, Culture, Customer & Technical.

The Agilist of the Year award recognizes an influential individual that has made an impact on our community in the past year. To submit a nomination (for yourself or someone else), please describe the individual’s contribution to the San Diego Agile community and why you find it to be important. Possible reasons a person may be nominated include, but are not limited to, spreading Agile ideas/philosophy, guiding/growing the local community, educating others in Agile-related topics, and advocating Agile practices.  Submissions can be as short as a few sentences and should not exceed 1,000 words.

The winning team and individual will be announced at the Spike Day San Diego afterparty on October 13th 2017.  Email nominations to agileaward@agilesandiego.org


  • All entrants must be residents of San Diego County for the year they are nominated.
  • Entries should be based on experiences that occurred between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year (2016).
  • The nomination period will be through Sept 30th 2017.
  • Self-nomination is allowed for both awards.
  • The Agilist of the Year award cannot be given to a member of the Team Excellence award.
  • Entrants need not need be associated with Agile San Diego.
  • Award Committee members are not eligible to enter.
  • Entrants for the team award will be judged in 4 categories; Business Value, Culture, Customer & Technical.

2009 Agilist of the Year: Llewellyn Falco

2010 Agilist of the Year: no winner

2011 Agilist of the Year: Alline Oliveira

2012 Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award: Drive Current Team

2012 Agilist of the Year: Erik Meade

2013 Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award: Application Development Team at Hunter Industries

2013 Agilist of the Year: Woody Zuill

2014 Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award: The Scrum teams at ID Analytics

2014 Agilist of the Year: Joe Dailey

2015 Agilist of the Year: Paul Wynia

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